Pietro Mancini

I feel "omnivorous" in the sense that I appreciate any form of expression, such as painting, sculpture, installation, digital, and this leads me to use material elements, such us aluminum, wood, but also photography and programs to create or modify images, you can understand that choosing my favorite medium becomes difficult for me. I also work in Mental Health Departments where I coordinate creative workshops aimed at people with mental heal issues. Thinking about it, as far as I'm concerned, there is no well-defined time in which I decided to become an artist, however if we refer to when I decided to exhibit my work to the public, we can indicate the year 2007 with my first exhibition at the Chiostro del Bramante of Rome, to then move on to the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011, to continue in museums in South America and Eastern European countries, certainly the interest of insiders strengthens conviction and commitment. I don't like defining myself as an artist, I prefer to present myself as an author involved in representing the parallels of life, absence and presence, wound and hope. I wrote a text dedicated to the works that I enclose, and for which I thought of an NFT proposal, I hope it will help the presentation: The need to explore has always accompanied mankind in every period of its history, gods, transcendental relationships with nature and the stars, politics, philosophy, religion, science have always been the subject of research and discussion, and now invariably the current technologies offer us new observations and paths. My artistic and human interpretation does not tend towards demonization and even less the exaltation of the connections between man and technology, however the use of what we have available I think is inevitably an object of reflection, let's see how much research is often at the service of wars, how the bulimic use of energy has brought the world to an ecological crisis, how pollution is the dark side of our comforts, our luxuries, our pleasures. Our need for knowledge is insatiable and has ancient roots, and that's why I represented ancient sculptures in a sacred atmosphere of myth to which I superimposed metaphysical symbolisms and contemporary elements such as artificial intelligence circuits, these ancient and modern sculptures they wear visions of the past, the present and the future, but despite continuing to question themselves, concentrated they investigate and try to understand, to make sense, the need to fill the void does not stop.

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