Yes, Hello, I am Fred ,42 years old and I live in France, near Bordeaux. I ve 2 coolkids (g15 and b12) but they dont live with me. I have always been an artist and im a passionate and hyperactive artist. Throughout my life, i have experimented with different mediums and supports and techniques such as stone carving or electronic music and graphic design in all its forms (street art, design, painting, drawing, digital transformation, video...) . I would love to have a space to create a totally new project of mine on which I have been working for 2 years and which is the culmination of deep research and reflection. I would like to bring something that you don't often see, and which is my pure style, a mixture of industrial pop and futuristic cartoon, which takes up certain graphic codes while making a new, wild proposal. During these years of experimentation, I developed several styles that have become a signature. I wish to present a homogeneous graphic style which is in fact a synthesis of this balance, in order to perfect it as well. It is a beautiful project because I am satisfied with my work and I would like to share it in a qualitative way. The problem is that I'm not a very good salesman even if I master the basics of the ecosystem. I am looking for a curation system that suits me in order to flourish and exploit my potential while progressing in a favorable environment. I really have trouble with social networks because the algo overcomes all my attempts, my work is not seen. And that's why with this new project I would like to be able to generate a dynamic. If anyone can understand and appreciate my work, then I will give my best. In short I know how to create, but marketing is not my specialty :) I remain at your disposal for further informations. Thank you for reading me. F PS: i'm already in a SR space with MONOGRAMA but it is for a specific project. You are the only space i ve contact yet.

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