Ali Gür Göker

Hi I'm Ali. When I was a little I realized a lot of things about my self as all of us do, but I was sure about three things. One, I loved drawing and drawing is what I did since I could remember. Two, I loved to run and I could run really fast, how I know this, thats a story for different time. Three, I believed that I could still keep my smiles against adversities that I have faced. I knew these three things were not the only qualities that made me who I am or the ones I was most proud off, but in a way growing up they did served as an anchor to help steady myself in an ever-changing world regardless of the changes were for the good or for the bad. Unfortunately, amongst other things my three pillars almost got stripped away from me when I was paralyzed from neck down after an accident I had when I was 16. For while my smiles faded but that I got back, that one pillar taken back and although in different forms other two just followed. It took longer for me to gain any control of my body. After a while I was able to move my left arm. It took time and effort to gain enough control of it. Once I did I started to try the things I enjoy, on top of that list was drawing. It was frustrating at first because although I could control my arm I couldn’t control neither my wrist nor my hand. I tried different methods; tying a pencil to my hand, using a splint to stabilize my wrist and attaching a pen to it. Even though these made drawing possible for me again I still needed help on every step. I began to see drawing not as a fun time but as a chore. I had to find more accessible way to draw, that’s when I thought about digital art. I was really comfortable using my phone so I downloaded the best drawing app I could found and start drawing. I was still struggling but I didn’t need constant help and I could feel improving on each line. Not long after I began to share my art with other people. Unexpectedly that helped me gain my confidence back. I realized people not only run with their feet but the act of running happens also in thoughts, in ones imagination once its self established limitations were broken through. So I invite you all to break free of your own self established limitations what ever they may be and to join me to run along in my journey as i would very much like to run along with you.

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