Anna Zhukovska

Anna Zhukovska

About The Artist

Anna captures love & light and explore humans & plants.

The artist is originally from Ukraine, and she lived in China for 6 years, completing a Master’s degree in teaching Chinese. In January 2020, right before the pandemic, she came to Bali on holiday and have never left.

Anna has been taking pictures since she was in high school, so it’s been 13 years already. She was young and curious, and she had an old Nikon and a simple lens. Anna tried to take some pictures with that and quickly realized that she needed something else, and she got a vintage portrait lens – and then her story really began.
For her, photography is not about cameras, lenses, and gear – photography is about people and a photographer. The pictures you take are the best reflection of the true you: your values and your philosophy. A camera cannot make a great picture, just like a cook cannot cook a better dish just because of a better saucepan.

The photographer's values are freedom, love, and unity; FREEDOM in everything she does; LOVE to her family, friends and to Mother Nature and to everything she does as well; and UNITY – she truly believes in the power of unity.

We can all do a lot on our own, but together we can create a future of hope. She thinks these values are voiced in every piece of her art.

In 2021, Anna became an NFT artist as well. She feels really inspired and energized by the changes NFTs are bringing.

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