About The Artist

AnotherSigma is a Venezuelan abstract artist living in Spain. His work is inspired by artists such as Atanasio Soldati and Kandinsky. One of the characteristics of his art is the massive use of colors in a harmonic way to achieve vibrant sensations in the viewers. The artist's proposal behind each of his pieces is to transport the viewer out of reality and awaken happiness within each of them. He has been with the art world for as long as he can remember. Since his parents in the past were art collectors, so he has always been interested in it, and he started painting abstractions at a very young age. While the artist was in school, he painted, but no one understood him. So he never felt comfortable doing it until September 2021 when a friend wrote him about NFTs asking if he was still painting, and he decided to give it a try. It was a life-changing decision.

The artist's responsibility as an abstract ARTist is to take you out of reality... He challenges you to experience new sensations through abstract ART. He is AnotherSigma and this is his world.

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Morphing Blind Spot
Morphing Blind Spot