Eric Paré

Eric Paré

About The Artist

Eric Paré owns a 176-cameras bullet-time studio in Montréal where he creates visuals with his team. His work consists mainly in short light-painting exposures either outdoors in dreamy locations or in studio using his multi-camera installations.

Over the past 10 years, I have created content for Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, Audi, Canon, Asus, Sony, ESPN, Intel, HP & many more. I currently run a 176-cameras studio with my team in Montréal. I’m available for anything related to light-painting or multi-camera photography.

I play with light, space and time through light-painting, bullet-time and stop-motion techniques to create a unique animated photography signature. Everything I do is lit by hand, one frame at a time.

Visual artist Eric Paré has built a lifestyle combining his passion for photography, travel and light-painting. Traveling the world with his light-painting tubes, he mixes light-painting and landscape photography in incredible locations, sharing every single tip about the techniques along the way. When he's not on the road, you can find him doing studio photography in Montréal where he performs light-painting using 176 dslr on a full 360-degree camera array. Mixing studio and outdoors photography allows him to continue pushing his limits while keeping the balance between those two complementary aspects of his art. Within the last years, he and his creative partner Kim Henry perfected the tube light-painting technique and made it widely accessible for beginners while always adding new tricks to create various visuals. By using a single tube, a flashlight, and a feather, he shows that simplicity is often the key, and he keeps bringing people together as part of the tube tribe.

While having the dream life by traveling with the tubes, Eric Paré has managed to build a twenty thousand members learning community all related to his light-painting technique while growing his 360-degree bullet-time photography company. His work has been featured on CNN, MTV, BBC, Vice, TEDx, and he has recently worked on large scale campaigns with Audi, Twitter, Adobe, HP, Intel, Facebook, Canon and Microsoft. He also does conferences, workshops and brand collaborations. Some recent projects brought him and his team at Vidcon, Coachella, Panorama, CES, SXSW, Xposure and the Olympic Games.

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