About The Artist

Tom Orchard lives in London.

The artist has been designing from 2015, starting off as a social media designer, making twitter banners and YouTube headers. This then grew into me exploring a more creative side to his work, using art to delve into his feelings rather than just making social media designs for capital gain.

Tom tries to project a version of himself onto each piece, using ambiguous parts of faces. Such as just a single eye or open lips, which he felt could allow more people to connect to it rather than just a whole face of someone they have never met. They could look at his artwork and see themselves in it.

Although he does make money from his art, it is secondary to the fact that there are people from so many countries that own prints of it. Artist's designs have really travelled all over the globe.

The artist usually makes his best artwork during periods when he is going through problems within his life or when things are going great. It helps to establish a stronger connection to get what is going on inside his head down on the empty canvas. Each one of his designs is a piece of himself.

He feels most inspired to create after watching a film. Sometimes you can tell the film I’ve just finished watching just by looking at what I’ve designed. His favorites for inspiration have to be ‘Drive’ and the first half of ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’.

The artist loves designing, it will definitely stick with him throughout life! His dream is to one day get to the position where he will be able to reach a big audience by creating things that inspire other people to start designing, just like the beauty within film inspired him.

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Lonesome Paradox